New video showcasing audio design from ‘Forced’

This weekend we have uploaded a new video from the game Forced, where I am functioning as the Audio Lead. I thought I’d upload it here, as it both showcases some of the sound effects already in the game, and the additional audio work I have done specifically for the trailer.

All audio, except for the music, is done by Electric Bloo.

Oh – and you should support Forced on Greenlight of course. It’s Great!!




Audio for ‘Sjippespillet’ in Guppylife completed

Audio work has now been completed, for the new part of Guppylife called “Sjippespillet”.

A new minigame for the social Tamagotchi-like game Guppylife needed a fun, light and whimsical soundscape. I was happy to oblige.


PC-version of Mormors Dagbog released

The PC-version of Mormors Dagbog (Grannys Diary) has now been released on the homepage of the Green girl guide of Denmark. So, if you understand just a word of Danish, head over to their site, and check it out :-)

Electric Bloo feels proud!


Electric Bloo online

Hi all!

It seems Electric Bloo is finally online – Hooray!!